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Hipnotic: People are starting to realize that dash is real deal.CryptoCatfish: Britbear13, I am not a dash expert mind you.But I think it bound to the address on the back end.Alphamode: Herbalist, yes, but non-tech savvy people should not attempt to mine altcoins.SR4: theBunk, i hate paying attention to trash too,but cant resist adding to my short every morning with these prices. free money.SideShowBob: lookup, havent we all.just be a good steward and we will do even more in the future.

Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading Chat and Archive - 2017 Feb 24

SideShowBob: but there is much more than i just post in here i just painted with large strokes.VenomGhost: chrisg1912, The oops message is related to how your email provider handles the redirection nothing to worry about.Zebra: Bigolas, gl, the ripple supply is really enough for all the moskitos in world to have at least 1 XRP.

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CryptoCatfish: lennontime, Ya.He is butthurt right now.But we a re going to hug it out.

Fast, scalable, secure and private on the transparent blockchain.FreakinJohn: My STRAT wallet says I have 0 staking, but under the lightning bolt I have 292 staking.Only if moneros market cap gets bigger would it be considered in the future.Either way, we are not responsible from the trading decisions you make, and the gains and losses you experience as a result of acting on any of the insight read here.Xr1977: j33hopper, yeah mega 2.0 coin developed by kim schmitz.TalesFromTheCryptKeeper: komolkin, released andromeda, Q and A on reddit tomorrow.AbyNormal: BrainStormer, if countries start using blockchain tech they will make their own coins, still btc could be used as international digital coin.NiceNsteady: lennontime, now nxt and ard. thoooosseee are jokes:D.

Britbear13: CryptoCatfish, but their is not that many users, i dont think old people are ever going to use dash. btc is more user friendly than dash.RiSCiSO: As of now, about 1% of merchants in the USA accept btc.TalesFromTheCryptKeeper: Tempers, u can give people marks at it makes their name more pink.DustOff: Minimons, i think next bigger rise (10x or so) could come with large scale DNM adoption.KontraK: CryptoValkyrie, okay, lets see if monero can break the 50 USD within the next 4 days:P.TalesFromTheCryptKeeper: Rikimaru, i wouldnt mind a drop, id accumulate more. but to be safe i agree with u 100%. better to leave it alone lol.

Britbear13: Alzheimer, idk, dash isnt for me anymore after some thought.SideShowBob: its gonna be 73F here today and thats almost too hot for this time of year i want cooler weather.AWildKeccakAppears: Massdebater, yes because anon requires many people using it.CryptoBitSeeker: theBunk, easily control the price, but that goes for many of these coins.

DOCinTheBox: I got shadow banned for trying to share a twitter link.KerCHING: CringeTrading, thunderwolf, interesting report on rt today about legalised pot prices crashing, could impact the crypto pot price.DOCinTheBox: Still no Official word on what was wrong with this site yesterday.I hate being kept in the Dark.Tempers: stephenmac7: i am a developer - it will replace them all.VenomGhost: finncatcher, Please, try to refrain from using excessive characters in the TROLLBOX.MemberBerries: DustOff, noo sometime biggest scam is 1st. look at eth lol.

LongTermInvestor: yeezytrades, i agree btc is very important but the incumbents are finding their own way to make money out of this.KontraK: My Twitter has become so powerful that I can actually make my enemies tell the truth.SideShowBob: warmitup, yes that is a good reason to invest.that means more medical facilities and equipment will see a rise in sales.Herbalist: Alphamode, im quite a curious person and i know theres more people like me so tutorials for noobs would be a good thing for new people in this space.Cruznik02: thunderwolf, oooo ive taken over a room or two in my day:P.DustOff: guido2, interesting concept. though why not simply use VPN and bittorrent (if you need to seed files or run a tracker anonymously).

Herbalist: horseking420, it will be using bitcoin microtransactions.Msaghirmd: lol I just saw her bitcoin,edited was all propoganda.CryptoCatfish: Britbear13, You are a lover of another coin.You struggle to be objective when that happens.

RiSCiSO: loopholekid, i dont believe in putting delays and limitations on how people can use their assets is good thing.TalesFromTheCryptKeeper: crypjunkie, i just checked their twitter and dont see anything.RiSCiSO: iloopholekid, if btc is worth 1000 and it will fluctuate by 5 or 10 in ine day. money can still be made without volatility.Banhammer: nixology banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.SolarPowered: SweaterJacket-1e73, You would need to make a new account as that is not possible sorry.