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Anondran: TheThinker, yes and it crashed hard, some cos went from billions of dollar valuation to few millions.Whitelist peers connecting from the given IP address (e.g. or.Minimons: smallbit, I noticed this at 15:55 and have had the problem since.Katoomer: bretpg, Go sell 100 of yours and make it happen please.Extra transactions to keep in memory for compact block reconstructions.

Shrink debug.log file on client startup (default: 1 when no \fB \- debug \fR ).ClarkWGriswold: Takksplace, I was p to 5000 a week I could transfer from my bank in coinbase, but then the bank sent me a new card because of expiration.This trading chat comes from the chat box on an active altcoin trading website.Xoblort: daviddiazayuso, Try a fresh private session and clear cache if needed with this link.CroMiner: Anondran, in near future we gonna remeber BELA at 5k, ahh good old times.

Sagheer671: alphabituae, but after etf pass btc not possible down again.CryptoLex: smallbit, i was talking about BBr history on polo.that was months ago.Xoblort: jeanfrancois7, sometimes this is done through the ticket system, they require additional verification for that I think.TheThinker: Anondran, crypto bubble will do the same eventually.OracleofPOLO: morganward, so did qcr xdn and so many other coisn.

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Xoblort: atzekraut, yes that is a new account you have to set up, use a new password for that please.CoinMeGood: that would be a good investment to figure out what coin will be used for that.This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the.

LedZeppelin: ricketfosh, bela doing 40% on less than 500 coins. the potential is large.Lebowski: redcap3000, i think the ATH was on MtGox. some people were able to get out before the crash with the price near 1500.LedZeppelin: starcorder, trust your own research, and your gut.MrTrololo4Ever: every one here i have an important announcement.Litecoind and webserver on one and pool on the other. with payout address to your wallet. BAN K AC COU NT B AS ED B LOC KCH AIN.Discover own IP addresses (default: 1 when listening and no \fB \- externalip \fR.Banhammer: zeto0128 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.Xoblort: soundwaves117, When depositing Pascal make sure to include the PascalCoin Payload AND the PascalCoin deposit address.

Yeah, I saw reports of mass media coming also. especially if they get bought out by a large company.GreyCoin: Weyrsy, sure hope your right on that.i just bought back in.Anondran: i think polo should be given the best startup award or something.Fibonacci12358: Those little words are as cute as a baby chinchilla.

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Xoblort: Sagheer671, I do not know really, it is this wallstreet thing.If this block is in the chain assume that it and its ancestors are valid.

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JonGlaserLovesGear: ricketfosh, everything that makes me lose money is a scam.Execute command when a wallet transaction changes (%s in cmd is replaced.Xoblort: soundwaves117, we do not recommend to mine directly to here but use a private wallet first.LedZeppelin: Sagheer671, if etf gets approved prevailing sentiment is that btc will go up fast.

FaelTRDN: iofthebeholder, I hope yours are also, and to operate is always to minimize losses. always. thnks bro.

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CryptoLex: starcorder, hmm something like that, Anondran knows better:).